Some Changes Happened

This website has historically been hosted through a shared hosting provider, but I wanted to switch to VPS hosting for a few reasons. In the process of migrating the website to another server, I took the opportunity to redesign the site once again to make it even lighter, faster, and prettier than it used to be. It’s also dark now! Dark themes are great aren’t they? The site is also properly responsive now and looks great on mobile devices.

Two of the biggest reasons for switching to a VPS host are the fact that it performs much better while also being cheaper to run, and that it offers more versatility and control over what can actually be hosted here. There are some interesting ideas for services that Tripulse can host aside from just this blog, almost none of which would be possible on a shared host, but I don’t know when or if any of those ideas will actually take shape so I won’t talk about what they are in this post.

I won’t lie, another small part of why I did this was for my own curiosity. I wanted some new experiences, and boy did I learn some things. In my experimentation and failings, I kept track of everything I did and tried to find the simplest possible solution, because I thought I might make a guide on how you could do this yourself. I want to finally get some actual content on this site, so what better to start with?

On that note, I’d like to remind everyone that you can write your own posts about just about anything you want. Short, long, educational, entertaining, whatever it is, whether or not it fits in an existing category on the site, we want to see it, just let us know. If you’re not already part of the community, you’re welcome to join the Discord server and talk about stuff. You’ll need to be in the Discord for us to verify your account if you register for the blog anyway.

Now for the elephant in the room… the forum is gone.

We held on for a long time, but it just wasn’t used, got annoying to maintain, and was actually causing some problems with this site due to the synchronized accounts. You can still look at most of it on the Wayback Machine, but that is where it now forever resides. A big part of the reason we held out for so long was my sentimentality towards forums, but if there’s anyone else who enjoyed having the forum around, sorry, but we had to move on. You were already in the Discord server anyway though.

Not much else to say, really. Thank you for being you.