The Site Has Been Redesigned

With only a couple weeks to go before the one year mark for this particular website, I’ve redesigned it. And I’m talking about it in the first person, because of reasons.

First things first, look at it! It’s prettier. I guess. What do you think about it? I like how the featured image of each blog post takes the place of the usual header when you click on a post. Wish I could figure out how to make the logo go away when reading posts though, that’d be neat.

That’s the thing, you see, this whole thing is a learning experience for me. This is the first site I’ve managed like this, so there’s a lot of things I don’t know around every corner. And that right there is why I redesigned the site. With the previous version, I made a lot of weird decisions and stupid mistakes, leading the site to become really finicky, janky, and bloated. A lot of that, you might have missed, but it was there. This version is much lighter, more stable, and less prone to breaking itself for no reason. The loading time is down to a second or less (usually) from five seconds (!) and up (!!!). There might be bugs hiding where I couldn’t find them though, so remember to report them on the forum if you find them.

Speaking of the forums… and stupid mistakes…

If you can’t log in to the forum, don’t panic. Reset your password and then you’ll be able to get in. You see, I might have accidentally corrupted every single user password while working on the redesign. Was trying to link the forum user database to a test site and suddenly saw the word “overwritten” pop up on screen… once for every single user. Every account was overwritten with the same data though, the passwords corrupted for reasons unknown. This is why I’ve been using the first person, because that was a big oopsie and it was all me, so I’m terribly sorry. Forgive me…

Anyway, enjoy the new look and return to your usual activities, move along. Go listen to Tripod or something, that’s fun.