It’s Alive

Well it only took around six eternities, but the Tripulse blog is finally here.

At the moment, it may look a little barren, but we’ve got already got plans in motion! We’ve got a variety of content in the works from a few different members, and I myself may be launching an event soon.

Our initial goal for this blog is to have at least one article per month, not counting official posts like this one. Anything is fair game, so you may see some real oddball articles from time to time. Are you interested in writing something for us? Head on over to the forum and sign up, hang out, and tell us your idea!

There’s still a few kinks to work out of the system, but all the important parts are good enough. For instance, there’s a bug currently where sometimes the page breaks for some reason, but refreshing the page fixes it. I don’t know how to make that stop. You may see a lot of small changes happen to the blog (and the forum) for quite a while.

Speaking of the forum, we don’t have a comment section here on the blog, so use this thread if you want to discuss this post. There’s not a lot to discuss though. Maybe criticize my writing style, or don’t, because I ain’t changing it.

Now I’m not one for making dramatic speeches about new beginnings or whatever – I keep my delusions of grandeur fairly internalized – so this is all you get. We’re here, we’re ready, let’s make this into something special.