Tripulse Canvas: Overcome – OUT NOW!

Our third Canvas project started in August is now out everywhere. As usual, great work and huge thanks to everyone involved, an congratulations to the winners! As a reminder, 100% of proceeds from Canvas albums are donated to Notes for Notes, a great cause that we believe in, and it wouldn’t be possible for us to do this without all of you, so thanks again, and I hope you’ll participate next time too!

Stream or buy the album on your platform of choice, share it with your friends, every bit of support is hugely appreciated!

We’ve also got a Bandcamp page now! Follow that and stuff.

Finally, shirts and stuff! These will go away after a limited time, so get them while you can. 50% of the profit from these also goes to Notes for Notes.

Be sure to follow the artists

From Ashes
epi- chord
Aryll Fae
88 Diagrams
and Sorixa