Favorites of 2018

Adrian’s Favorites of 2018

Seasons greetings Tripulse! As the year wraps up its forever important to look back and remember the experience. Cherish the good, forgive the bad, learn from it all. Love yourself, you deserve it.

That’s the motivational part, let’s move on to the meat of this post. My favorites of the year sorted into albums/EP’s/LP’s, singles, and remixes. Each in no particular order.


And now for my standout picks from the list above.

New Levels New Devils is arguably one of the most refreshing albums I’ve had the pleasure of picking up. Ensembles of guitars and drums will always hold a special place in my heart, and Polyphia helps bring out my punk rock and metal days of high school to mingle with the new age of production we’ve got right now. If you want to listen to a group that understands how to emphasize everyone’s role in a band as well as pacing that really makes you feel things, give it a listen.

If you’ve hung around the EDM scene in the last five years you’ve almost undoubtedly heard of musicians like Crywolf and EDEN. Early on this year, EDEN took center stage in my rotation with his release vertigo. With each song representing emotions and feelings we all have and deal with in a raw and realistic take, I think everyone can relate a little bit to these heart songs.

Ace Aura takes center stage in releasing what I think is my favorite song this year. “Tongues of Fire” hits all the notes in what I feel melodic dubstep deserves to be known for. Heavy, uplifting, an extremely well-balanced mix of perfectly punching drums and bass accompanying what I feel is one of the coolest bright sounds of the year. Definitely make sure you look out for Ace Aura in 2019.

Continuing the theme of melodic and dub, ARMNHMR has impressed me this year. Being a group I thought made the typical 4×4 house, I was thoroughly surprised to hear “Leave it All” when it came out. Between Luma’s sky-high vocals, the unexpected heaviness of the second drop or the simply elegant build and composition of the song I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as myself.

If you hadn’t figured it out by now, this year was a big year in melodic styled music for me. So it should come as no surprise when I say that Illenium, Mako, and Kill the Noise’s song “Don’t Give up on Me” is my final standout pick of the year. I shouldn’t need to embellish too much with heavy hitters like that, so if you want to rage and feel emotions go ahead and slam that play button and enjoy.

Finally, let’s close it out with some community favorites.

One of my favorite albums from this year was the album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships by The 1975. My favorite song on the album is “Love It If We Made It”. Love It If We Made It is a grand song about the current state of society, but maintains a sense of optimism and hope that through these rough times there are still reasons to go on. Matty Healy’s vocals on this song are some of his most passionate. In the second chorus, the song goes in a very funky direction that is hard not to dance to. One of the best songs of 2018 in my opinion. — Dani

For my favorite album, I’m choosing one of the few records I’ve been having on repeat this year, even if it came in rather later in the year. No Tourists by The Prodigy brings that rich industrial energy back with one of their wildest albums yet.

Tracks like “Timebomb Zone” and “Light Up the Sky” bring in some unique variations while “Boom Boom Tap” and others go hard with their over the top and noisy drum and bass styles.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, my song of the year would be going to “Downright” by FMNT. This is probably by far one of the most fun Hardstyle tracks to emerge this year. This song is so full of life and unique instrument and melody choices, as well as switching out the normal kick for a bouncier one, which elevates the song to a whole new level in my opinion. — Ashlyn

There have been a lot of albums coming out this year, a lot of them from high profile artists. I usually don’t actually listen to any of these artists, like Post Malone or any number of others, but back in September, “The Sound” by the 1975, came across my Spotify, and I got hooked. They released an album titled A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships back on November 30th, and I loved it way more than I expected. The album was all over the place genre-wise, but the thing that stood out to me was that all the genres they did, they nailed.

A modern pop song with a reggaeton splash? “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME” nailed it.

A glittering 80s-style dance anthem? “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)” knocked it out of the park.

A soft and delicate jazz standard? From a pop band? That goes to “Mine”.

They still outperform any expectation, and the fact that all the songs in themselves work and are of immensely high quality makes this my definite album of the year.

My favorite track of the year had to be “Sleepy” by MAXD and Adam Tell. (Technically released in 2017 but the album released in 2018! So it counts!) I actually hated the track at first, funnily enough, but it grew on me over multiple listens, and has to be one of my favorite songs by now. It’s creative in its composition, so much that it might be weird to some, and the sound design even accentuates it, but after a few listens, you can pick up on the odd intricacies of the track, and hear something new every time. — Waffle

So, this year has been a pretty big one as far as singles go, but From First to Last takes the crown in my eyes. Their only release this year was the single “Surrender” and with tons of power chords, edgy lyrics, and a bit of screaming, it’s a love letter to pop punk and 2000’s alt.

While I’m on the topic of 2000’s alt, Weezer has been making waves with their cover of Toto’s “Africa” It charted No. 1 in Alternative, and No. 11 on Adult Pop, and with the bands 12th studio album, the self-titled Black Album, set to release in March of next year, Weezer may continue to top the charts well into next year. — Cel

Dark All Day is an album by Gunship that is good and I like it. Just over an hour of reverb with a bit of music thrown in for good measure. The whole album carries a message and the single paragraph I have here isn’t enough to do it all justice, so let’s focus on my favorite track, “Cyber City”.“Dreamlike” tends to be a cop-out descriptor, but there’s no better word for this track and its thick, wide clouds of reverb. Maybe I’m only saying that because it reminds me of my own dreams, I don’t know. Alongside this quality is a strong driving force in the percussion and bassline, and you’d never guess by the album title, but the tone nice and dark. It tells its own story without feeling separate from the message of the album, and it’s completely pulled me in. Track 3 is the worst track on the album, by the way. Change my mind. — Kit

Want to talk about your own favorites of the year, or just try to change Kit’s mind? Head over to this forum thread and discuss things!