Announcing the Tripulse Canvas initiative20181121114206

Announcing the Tripulse Canvas initiative

KitNovember 21, 2018Events0 comments
An event! It’s happening! It’s Canvas! There were some delays while organizing this, but we’re finally ready to move forward. I thin...
Tripod | Still in Ohio20181024163028

Tripod | Still in Ohio

KitOctober 24, 2018Tripod0 comments
The Tripod is out on time! This time, Adrian is still in Ohio. Adrian also comments on a text chat without contextualizing it far too often. The audio...
Tripod | State of the Union20180925202146

Tripod | State of the Union

KitSeptember 25, 2018Tripod0 comments
In our standard fashion, this is quite late – the first Tripulse podcast. It is called Tripod because that is the best name for it. In this firs...
It’s Alive20180830062524

It’s Alive

KitAugust 30, 2018Meta0 comments
Well it only took around six eternities, but the Tripulse blog is finally here. At the moment, it may look a little barren, but we’ve got alread...