Hello, this is Tripulse.

We are a community. Our roots can be traced back to 2014 – or even earlier depending on who you ask. We originated as a small group of bedroom producers from a Skype group who wanted to stick together. Our ideas began to grow bigger and bigger, leading to the decision to establish ourselves on the internet with a forum. After a few obstacles along the way, we’ve landed on a solid foundation. Today we stand as an open community focused on creativity, self expression and camaraderie. Whether you make music, draw, cook, write, or are otherwise creative, Tripulse will welcome you. Of course, you’re also welcome to simply hang out and be cool. We play video games and stuff.

Here on our blog, we will be sharing information about events and Tripulse news. Alongside that, we provide an open platform for our members to write their own articles if they so desire. Members can write about almost anything they want, and our squad will proofread and edit for them if desired. We do expect articles to be written well though, so keep that in mind. There are also certain topics we do not want articles about, but we will review this on a case by case basis. Generally, we will allow most anything that the Tripulse community may find interesting.
On our forum, we provide a platform to chat and comm- Oh who are we kidding, people don’t use forums for casual chatting anymore. The forum is somewhere between the casual chatting of our Discord server and the more formal nature of blog posts. You can use it to showcase your work, take part in or host creative events, or write detailed posts smaller than a full article. We will expand the forum to cover more topics as demand increases. Since we don’t use comments on the blog, articles will have their own forum threads for discussion. Your forum account is also used to sign into the blog.